What Are The Best Body Pillow to Buy in 2023

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Everybody needs their sleep – some a lot more than others!

After a long and exhausting day, there’s nothing better than hitting the sack for that much needed rest.

It’s times like these that you can’t afford to have a poor quality sleep, waking up feeling worse than you did when you went to bed.

And for that forget-the-world kind of sleep, sometimes a head pillow just doesn’t cut it.

Well, don’t stress!

The hottest thing since sliced bread is here: body pillows! You guessed it, it’s the best pillow for your whole body.

Now that you know what a body pillow is, you’ll need some help picking out the one that’s right for you.

Look no further, we’re here to show you your buffet of comfort in body pillows.


What is a body pillow and how does it work?

Still wondering what a body pillow is? Although the name may sound a little strange, its functionality is certainly not.

A body pillow is basically an over-sized pillow that gives your entire body the ultimate luxury in relief and a restful sleep.

These large pillows are cuddly and mold to the shape of your body, providing total support to your neck, back and other joints while you sleep at ease.

Body pillows may seem like a weird idea to you if you’re not used to sleeping on one but don’t knock it till you try it!

People who have used (and continue to use) body pillows swear by them.

Body pillows could relieve your snoring, free you from back pain, fix acid reflux and even take away your knee and other joint pains.

It is also the perfect pillow for pregnant women who can’t sleep on their back.

Although body pillows are similar to each other, there are minor differences between these pillows to suit the different needs of people.

Let’s take you on a virtual tour of body pillows, and you can be sure to have found your favorite body pillow by the end of it.


Types of Body Pillow

Body pillows are for everyone. And everyone is different. That’s why body pillows come in different shapes and sizes, just like us.

Depending on the reason you’re buying a body pillow, and what you want it to do for you, there is a variety of body pillow types to choose from.

best body pillow for side sleepers


1. Full Length Body Pillow

A full length body pillow provides head-to-toe comfort and coziness.

Imagine a large pool noodle, but with all the softness and fluffiness of a pillow.

A typical full length body pillow is straight and can be five to six feet in length and is your own personal, cuddly, sleep buddy.

These body pillows look and feel just like regular head pillows but are as big as a whole person, so you can wrap yourself around these for total comfort.

The full-length pillow is especially great for tall people, with one buyer over 6 feet tall claiming that this pillow is the perfect fit for him!


2. J-Shaped Body Pillow

The J-shaped pillows are just that – shaped like a giant letter ‘J’.

These pillows are curved at one end and straight at the other (just like the letter J).

These are great for people who don’t like to have the body pillow on all sides of them.

These pillows give space on one side of you as you snuggle close to the other side of the pillow, with the right of support to your head and back.

If you’re looking for a pregnancy-supportive pillow, this shape may not be the best for you, as they don’t give enough support to the legs while accommodating the pregnant belly.

But they work well for regular people, and provide a little more comfort than a straight, full-length pillow.

best body pillow for pregnancy


3. C-Shaped Body Pillow

These C-shaped pillows look like a large, snuggly letter ‘C’.

Just like the alphabet, the top and bottom ends of the pillow are curved, almost forming a full circle with a gap between the two ends.

These pillows are good for women during the maternity period, providing comfort at a time when they can’t sleep on their backs.

The upper curvature of the pillow supports the head and the shoulder while the bottom curve can be used to support the legs when they’re curled around the pillow.

The gap between the two ends allows a space for the pregnant belly, while the mid-section of the pillow cradles the back.

That doesn’t mean this pillow isn’t good for anyone else!

C-shaped pillows are also suited to side-sleepers who like to curl up and have something to wrap their leg around, providing the perfect comfort and support during your peaceful slumber.


4. U-Shaped Pillow

The U-shaped pillow is another type of body pillow that is popular in the market.

Designed to look like a huge, inverted letter ‘U’, this pillow is the best maternity pillow available.

The bend of the U is used as the head pillow, while the two straight ends are nestled on either side of you.

This is the best maternity pillow of all the body pillow type.

What makes them perfect for pregnant mothers is that while the bend of the U supports the head and shoulder, the straight arm of the ‘U’ supports both the leg and the pregnant belly of the sleeper.

Even when you turn to the other side, the other arm of the ‘U’ provides the same support.

This is especially handy when you can’t sleep on your back and does not restrict you to sleep on only one side of the pillow.

This pillow is also great for any sleeper who likes to be enveloped in comfort on all sides, which is maintained even when you change positions during your sleep.

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Features to Consider When Buying a Body Pillow

Now that you know the different types of body pillows, it’s time to pick out one that suits your own personal needs.

When looking to buy the right body pillow, there are several factors to consider in terms of which will provide you with the benefits that you hope to get out of your body pillow.

best body pillow for bad back


1. Brand Name

As with any product, there are several manufacturers that make the body pillows.

You may have heard of some of these body-pillow brands: Leachco, PharMeDoc, Snuggle-Pedic and more.

There are multiple brands of body pillows out there, and each one differs by the shapes and sizes of body pillows they make, the fabric and the stuffing that they use as well as the differences in prices.

It’s a good idea to get to know the body pillows made by the different brands and decide which one offers a pillow that is closest to your needs and wants.


2. Size and Shape

The straight, full-length body pillows seem to be the most common across all brands, but you can find them in a variety of shapes.

The straight pillow allows you to your knees around the pillow and offers good hip-alignment, but they don’t offer much back support.

Each shape of body pillow suits a different kind of sleeper.

Curved pillows offer more support to the back and joints than straight pillows.

The ‘C’, ‘J’ and ‘U’ shaped pillows all fall under this criterion of curved pillows. Of all these, the ‘U’ shaped pillow provides the most support, for pregnant women and regular sleepers alike.

They are especially soft on people with back injuries and joint pains.


3. Your Sleep Habits

When considering which body pillow to buy, it is important to think about what kind of sleeper you are.

For people who have spinal problems and chronic back pain, the general medical advice is to sleep on their side, rather than on their back.

The best kind of body pillow for these people would be a curved, J, U or C pillow, which offers back support and allows the sleeper to sleep on their sides without shifting onto their back or stomach.

The curved pillows are also the best buys during pregnancy.

If you’re mostly a back sleeper, you would want to opt for a straight, full-length body pillow.

These would be good to wrap your legs around when you’re on your side, then move the pillow around when you’re shifting onto your back or stomach.

best body pillow for back pain


4. Stuffing Material

Just like head pillows, body pillows can come with a variety of stuffing.

Cotton pillows are most common, and they are also the most affordable and easy-to-move-around pillows.

If you move around in your sleep a lot, and you’d like to your pillow to move with you, this one’s for you.

Foam pillows provide extra support and increased comfort, and these are the pillows you want if you’re looking for some added cuddliness.

Body pillows can also come with buckwheat and down fillings.

These buckwheat and down pillows also provide a good deal of comfort, although the down pillows may be a little warmer than other body pillows.


5. Outer Fabric

The outer fabric is also something to think about when looking for your new body pillow.

Again, there is quite a range to choose from: synthetic, memory foam and more.

If you have asthma or other allergies, it’s best to make sure that the outer fabric of the pillow is made from a hypoallergenic material, so that you aren’t sneezing the night away.

Although with most body pillows, the fabric does tend to be hypoallergenic, so you wouldn’t have to look too hard to find one.

The fabric on the memory foam pillows is a little softer and smooth to the touch in comparison to the regular cotton pillows.

But then again, it really depends on why you’re getting the body pillow and what you hope to get out of it.


6. Durability and Maintenance

It’s important to choose your body pillow carefully.

You need a body pillow to last long but still stay in the same shape and be as fluffy as it was when you bought it.

High-quality body pillows made of premium materials will last a long time without flattening out over time or sagging or becoming clumpy.

You should also take into account the fabric and the fillings of the pillow which need to be easy to wash.

There is no point putting good money into a body pillow if it can’t be easily cleaned and maintained in a good-as-new state.


7. Price

Nothing good comes without a price.

The brand, size, shape, fabric, and stuffing may all affect the price of the body pillow.

Memory foam pillows and special-shaped pillows cost a little more than regular, straight body pillows.

A decent body pillow can cost around $50 and above.

And the more expensive body pillows may even cost above $100 depending on the brand and the other factors described above.

There are also very affordable body pillows within the range of $20-$50.

Before you buy a body pillow be sure to read the features well and choose the pillow that is best suited to your needs and also fits your budget.


The Best Body Pillow

Now that you know the basics about body pillows, it’s time to choose a body pillow that’s for you.

Here, we have reviewed a selection of some of the most popular brands and models of body pillows for you to compare.

So sit back, relax, and begin your journey through the range of eligible body pillows!


1. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

best body pillow for dakimakura

The Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is a classic U-shaped body pillow that provides full body support to the sleeper.

It has specifically designed inner curves which allow the pillow to wrap around on either side of you, providing support to both your back and your belly at the same time.

This also aligns your hip in a neutral position and takes the tension off them.

This pillow is perfect for pregnant women and regular sleepers alike.

The pillow holds its position so that you don’t have to move it around when you shift positions through the night, giving you ultra-comfort while you sleep in peace.

The stuffing in the pillow is made of polyester, and the pillows also come with a removable polyester pillow cover.


Product features

1. Adequate support for both back and belly

The pillow has a special hour-glass shape on the inner edge of the pillow which is designed to provide complete support and comfort to both your back as well as your tummy, regardless of which position you sleep in.

This is ideal for pregnant mothers who need to sleep on their sides.


2. Resistant to re-positioning

The arms of the ‘U’ wrap around either side of you and is designed to stay that way throughout the night, so that whenever you move around in your bed, you wouldn’t have to move your pillow around with you.

Any position you’re in, you can rely on your pillow to give you perfect comfort.


3. Reversible for better head support

The ‘U’ of the pillow can be turned around so that the free ends are near the head.

This gives you, what the Leachco makers like to call a “double-decker” support to the head.

This also elevates the hips and puts them in perfect alignment, making this an ideal pillow for people with gastric reflux, sciatica and nasal congestion as well.


4. Removable pillow cover

The pillow comes with a soft, polyester, removable pillow cover which can be easily removed and washed, so that your pillow stays clean and fresh.

This makes for simple maintenance and durability.


5. Comes with different types of fabric

There is a range of fabric types to choose from with different blends of cotton, polyester, organic cotton and even a different types of thread counts.

So if you’re particular about what type of fabric you like on your pillow, you can choose the one that is for you.



  • Supports the back and stomach at the same time
  • Easy to clean
  • Provides comfort in any sleeping position
  • Range of fabrics to choose from
  • Ideal for pregnant mothers
  • Does not take too much space on a double bed
  • Good for both short and tall people


  • A straight seam on the U-bend may be troublesome to some users, but a different pillow cover may be purchased if this is an issue


2. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

best body pillow for twin pregnancy

This is a C-shaped pillow with a patented design, developed by someone who is a registered nurse and mother.

So it’s safe to say that this is a wonderful option for pregnant mothers.

The pillow is made of polyester and does the work of multiple pillows by supporting the back and the hips.

The free ends of the ‘C’ have enough gap in between them to accommodate the pregnant belly, and the bottom arm of the C supports the legs.

This provides total body comfort and eases the ordeal of having to only sleep on the side during pregnancy.


Product features

1. Total body support

The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow offers complete support to your neck and shoulders, back, stomach and legs, and relieves all these areas from any tension during the night’s sleep.

This is perfect for pregnant women who are vulnerable to back pain and breathing difficulty during the night due to awkward postures and lack of adequate support.


2. Safe fabric

The materials used in the Leachco Snoogle body pillow are completely safe and hypo-allergenic.

They are phthalate free, lead free, latex free and BPA free.

There is also an option of getting a 100% cotton model on this pillow too.

So if you have any allergies, or just like to know what your pillow is made of, you can be assured that the materials that go into this pillow are gentle on you.


3. Breathable

The filling of the pillow is mainly polyester, although a cotton version is also available.

Regardless, the pillow is soft and fluffy and is ready for the ultimate snuggle for that night of restful sleep.

The texture of the fabric and smooth and cool to the touch.

The fabric is also breathable, so that the pillow doesn’t heat up during the night, causing any unwarranted discomfort during your slumber.


4. Adjustable height and position

The Leachco Snoogle body pillow is flexible enough that you can adjust the pillow to the desired height, so it’s really a one-size-fits-all concept.

You can also easily move the pillow around to suit the position you want because of the free ends of the C-shaped pillow.

This allows you to ensure enough comfort for individuals of all shapes and sizes.



  • Total body support
  • Perfect for pregnant mothers
  • Removable and washable pillow cover
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic fabric
  • Reasonable priced
  • Available in 100% cotton option
  • Adjustable height and position


  • The pillow case is a sham-type rather than a zipper type, which needs some effort to remove and slip back on


3. PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

best body pillow for pregnant women

The PharMeDoc Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is fairly similar to the above reviewed Leachco Snoogle body pillow, except that it is bigger in size and has a few added features.

It is also a C-shaped pillow which is designed to provide proper support and alignment to the neck, back, hips and knees. It is also completely pregnancy-friendly.


Product Features

1. Firm support

This PharMeDoc body pillow is a little firmer than the regular body and head pillows, which makes it a bit more supportive than most other regular body pillows.

The curved mid-section of the pillow relieves back pain in regular people as well as pregnant mothers and ensures proper positioning of the hips through the night.


2. Multiple uses

For a pregnant mother, the pillow can be used for an undisturbed, comfortable sleep during the pregnancy period, and then as a back support during feeding or nursing after the baby comes.

For regular people, the pillow can be curled and the ends of the ‘C’ stacked up on top of each other to use as a prop-up head or back support for reading or working.

When it’s time for a nap, uncurl the pillow back to its C-shape and sink into a heavenly snooze.


3. Adjustable polyfill material

The stuffing in the PharMeDoc body pillow is a polyfill material which means the pillow adjusts and mold to your body shape, so that you can get cozy real soon and don’t have to spend time fluffing your pillow.

This minimizes any amount of tossing and turning and provides a close-fit support that is unique to the shape of your body.

This is especially useful for people who have a problem of back pain or sciatica.


4. Zippered pillow cover

The PharMeDoc body pillow comes with a fully zippered, removable pillow cover that makes for easy cleaning.

The pillow cover is also 100% cotton and is lead free, BPA free, phthalate free and latex free.

It is a soft, hypo-allergenic pillow cover which is also completely machine-washable which allows for simple, frequent washing.



  • Firm, full body support
  • Ideal for pregnant women
  • Can be used in multiple ways
  • Machine-washable, zippered pillow cover
  • Good airflow, makes the pillow cooler
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Very affordable


  • Susceptible to rips and tears if handled a little roughly


4. Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Bamboo Combination Memory Foam Body Pillow

best body pillow for snoring

This pillow is a straight, full-length body pillow which comes with a unique filling.

The Snuggle-Pedic Body pillow is filled with a shredded-style, combination memory foam which makes it a little less firm than the usual memory foam pillows.

It is great for people with back issues who need a little support which cradles the spine but isn’t too tough on it either.

The pillow comes in a sealed, compressed plastic bag, which when open expands to its full size in a few hours.

You can hasten the expansion process by popping it into the dryer machine and setting it on the ‘fluff’ option.


Product features

1. Suited to all kinds of sleeping positions

The shredded memory foam filling conforms to the shape of your body which accommodates any sleeping position you might be in.

The pillow holds this shape and molds into another the moment you change positions, so it’s perfect for all kinds of back, side and stomach sleepers alike.


2. Built-on cooling pillow cover

The Snuggle-Pedic pillow comes with a built-on pillow cover made of a combination of bamboo, polyester and some Lycra.

This is made using the “Kool-Flow” design, a trademark feature of the Snuggle-Pedic pillows, which makes it super breathable and allows micro-ventilation so that your pillow stays cool all night long.


3. Special foam fillings

The pillow is filled with high-quality shredded memory foam, so that it is less firm than an ordinary memory foam pillow, but still retains the characteristic of molding to the shape of the sleeper’s body.

The foam filling is hypo-allergenic, low V.O.C (volatile organic compounds) Biogreen memory foam and CetriPur- U.S. certified foam. These add to the increased luxury and comfort of the pillow.


4. 90-day sleep trial

The makers of the Snuggle-Pedic body pillow are so confident of their product that they offer an unprecedented 90-day trial with a refund or fee exchange option, should you decide that the pillow is not for you.

The pillow also comes with a long 20-year warranty period and even a free customization of the pillow if you are not satisfied with its performance, so you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice.



  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Built-on pillow cover with ‘Kool-Flow’ technology
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Shredded foam offers good support to back
  • 90-day sleep trial
  • Reasonably priced
  • Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic foam filling
  • Suits all kinds of sleepers
  • 20-year warranty period


  • Some sleepers claim they can feel the bits of foam filling within the pillow


5. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow

best body pillow for men

The Coop Home Goods Body Pillow is another straight, full-length body pillow that is filled with adjustable shredded memory foam.

This shredded memory foam allows more air circulation in comparison to standard memory foam pillows and also molds to the shape of your head and body, giving you total comfort and support.


Product Features

1. Cooling Fabric

The fabric on the Coop Home Goods body pillow is made of a combination of ultra-soft proprietary polyester and viscose rayon, which is derived from bamboo fabric.

This confers a thermo-regulatory ability to the pillow which makes it breathable and keeps it cool throughout the course of the night, to give you great-quality sleep every night.


2. Completely Machine-Washable

With the pillow case being made from 40% viscose rayon (obtained from bamboo fabric) and 60% polyester and the actual pillow filling made of shredded memory foam, it is completely suitable for machine washing and drying.

This makes the pillow easy to clean and to maintain the fresh state of the pillow.


3. Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam

The Coop Home Goods body pillow is filled with shredded memory foam made of Centri-Pur U.S. certified memory foam.

The filling is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and has been tested by independent accredited testing laboratories.

The foam is of high-quality and is free of ozone depleters, lead, mercury, phthalates and CFCs.

In addition, they are dust-mite resistant and durable, so that you can sleep in peace knowing that you are safe from any chemical harm from your pillow.


4. Total Body Support in Any Position

The shredded memory foam technology allows the pillow to adjust to the shape of your body as you move and change sleeping positions during the night.

This is especially convenient if you suffer from back pain and a sore neck, giving you enough support while being flexible enough for you to shift in your sleep.



  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant filling
  • Machine washable
  • Soft, breathable fabric
  • Good airflow
  • 5-year warranty
  • 100 night trial with hassle-free returns
  • Eco-friendly
  • Full body adjustable support


  • Not very supportive for pregnant mothers


6. Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Body Pillow

best body pillow for lower back pain

Another full-length straight body pillow, the Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative body pillow filled with 100% polyester filling in a pure cotton shell.

This filling is hypoallergenic which makes it a great option if you have any allergies, particularly to down pillows.

This pillow has been designed with the side-sleepers in mind, to provide extra comfort and support for these users.


Product features

1. Plush, overfilled pillow

The Pinzon body pillow is overfilled with 77.5 ounces of the hypo-allergenic polyester fiber fill to give you an extra plushy, snuggly pillow that you’re glad to see every night when you go to bed.


2. High-quality fabric

The thread count of the fabric refers to the number of threads found in one square inch of the fabric.

As a general measure, the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the fabric.

When it comes to bedding, a thread count between 150 and 400 is considered ideal in terms of breathability and durability.

The outer shell of the Pinzon body pillow is of a 230-thread count, which adds it to the list of superior bedding fabrics.


3. Easy Maintenance

Both the pillow cover and the Pinzon body pillow itself are machine washable, so that you can enjoy hassle-free, regular cleaning of your body pillow and keep it fresh and fluffy.

The pillow cover is zippered and removable for separate washing.


4. Multiple uses

The Pinzon body pillow is wide and plush, which is perfect for side-sleepers, for whom the pillow perfectly molds to fit the contours of the body and provide the ultimate frontal support.

In the day time, it can also be propped up to be used as a back-support to lean on while sitting.

The pillow can also be placed in between the knees to relieve joint pain by providing stress-relief to the spine and hips.



  • Hypoallergenic filling
  • Superior quality fabric
  • Perfect for side-sleepers
  • Plush and supportive
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee


  • Less ideal for back and stomach sleepers
  • Not very pregnancy-friendly

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The Bottom Line

To cut a long story short (even though you went through the long story anyway), body pillows are a great buy.

They are plush and cuddly, offer all-round support to your body, relieve back and joint pains, help pregnant mothers get better sleep and promote blood circulation in the body.

A body pillow is certainly for everybody, but you need to choose which body pillow is right for you.

There are lots of brands, shapes, sizes and fillings to choose from.

Before you buy one, you need to consider your sleeping habits and what you want from your body pillow and then go ahead and find one that does this for you within your target budget.

So don’t wait around any longer, it’s time you got that well-deserved restful sleep.

Find a body pillow that’s perfect for you and bring it home. Trust us, you’ll be kicking yourself for not getting one sooner!

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