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It is said that sleep is the best kind of meditation. Although I can’t be the judge of the meditation part, I do know that I couldn’t go a day without my precious sleep.

When you think of the word ‘sleep’, you’re probably picturing a big, soft bed with a warm, fuzzy blanket on top. But hang on, what about your pillow? The right pillow could be a world of difference between a refreshing sleep and an early morning sore neck.

For centuries we’ve been stuffing our pillows with all sorts of things, from goose feathers to buckwheat and what not. Now we’ve found yet another item to fill our pillows with – water!

This article will help you find the best water pillow that’ll guarantee that good night’s sleep you’ve been looking for.


What Is a Water Pillow and How Does It Work?

When most people hear the words ‘water pillow’ they instantly visualize something similar to an awkward, sloshy water bed. The truth is far from that image. At first glance, water pillows are quite like the pillows you’re used to sleeping on, except with much more adjustability and comfort than a regular pillow. Modern water pillows, like normal pillows, are made of the usual fillings like polyester fiber and cotton. The main difference is that water pillows have some extra space (such as an internal reservoir or bladder) that is filled with water.

So what makes these water pillows so special? The traditional pillows with the cotton and memory foam fillings have a tendency to flatten out over time, from the weight of your head. What seems like a comfortable, fluffy pillow at first, eventually becomes one with the sheets on your bed. In contrast, water pillows have the feature of maintaining the same thickness and height and conforming to the shape of your head. The reason is simple, it’s water. The water pillows can be molded to your comfort while maintaining their flexibility and freeing you from that incessant stiff neck your current pillow has been giving you.


Best Water Pillow


Types of Water Pillows

Depending on how the water is held in the pillows, water pillows can be sorted into two categories:

1. Pouch Waterbase Pillow

This type of pillow is common among the top water pillows in the market. The pillow contains a pouch (made of polyester) that allows the user to fill it with tap water. This polyester water pouch is tucked under a hypoallergenic filling of polyester fiber (on which you place your head), giving you the familiar feeling of a regular pillow with the added luxury and benefits of a water pillow. The water contained in the water pouch prevents the pillow from collapsing under the weight of your head while allowing it to provide full support to your head and neck.

2. Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

Instead of a polyester fiber filling found in the pouch waterbase pillows, these pillows are made of memory foam. The neat feature of these pillows is that the memory foam is saturated with water. So where does the water go? Well, it doesn’t. The memory foam waterbase pillows don’t have to be filled with tap water because the gel in the pillow produces the same effect as that of soaking the pillow in water. The added advantage in these pillows is that the gel provides a ‘cooling’ effect along with the existing benefit of maintaining the contour of your head.


Pouch Waterbase Pillow


The Benefits of Water Pillows

Studies show that water pillows have much more to offer in terms of sleep quality when compared to regular pillows. Here’s why:

1. Water pillows stay firmer for longer

Traditional pillows become flatter over time as you rest your head on them, whereas water pillows maintain their shape and thickness. Water pillows stay firm for as long as there’s tap water in them!

2. The firmness is adjustable

Whether you like your pillows soft and fluffy, or hard as a rock, your water pillow can be adjusted to suit your needs by regulating the water levels in the pouch. Filling the pouch with more water increases the firmness and draining the water decreases it.

3. Suits any type of sleeper

It doesn’t matter whether you like to sleep on your back, on your stomach or you keep rolling from side to side, the water pillow will change its shape to the position of your head.

4. Maintains the right temperature

The presence of water in the pillows allows them to maintain a neutral temperature so that you can sleep without the worry of a pillow that is too hot or too cold.

5. Gives you freedom from body aches

Water pillows offer complete support to your head, neck and back in such a way that there is no tension to the muscles, leaving you with less body aches in the morning.

6. Better sleep quality

The flexibility, firmness, and comfort of water pillows lead to the initiation and sustenance of a less disturbed, refreshing sleep.


Memory Foam Water Pillow


The Downsides of Water Pillows

Although there are several benefits to water pillows, a few of the downsides are:

1. Water pillows can become heavy

When a water pillow is filled to its full capacity, it may weigh as much as 8 pounds. This can make it difficult to move the pillow around to prop it behind your back, or as you change positions. It also makes it difficult to carry with you during travel.

2. Durability of the non-water part

Although water pillows are definitely more resistant to compression, the polyester fiber filling overlying the water pouch is the same as that in regular pillows. Therefore it is important to choose a water pillow containing polyester fiber of good quality, in order to get the full benefits of the pillow.

3. Uncomfortable for some sleepers

The definition of a perfect pillow varies from person to person. In that sense, the water pillow might be ‘too squishy’ for some individuals, or it may be too high for some stomach sleepers.


Top Water Pillow


The Best Water Pillow

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about what water pillows are and how they stack up against conventional pillows, it’s time to look at some of the leading brands of water pillows available on the market and pick one that would be best for you.

1. Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

The Mediflow water based pillow was the center of a clinical study conducted at the John Hopkins University (one of the leading medical schools in the United States of America). The study revolved around the effectiveness of the pillow at providing its users with optimum sleep quality, its ability to relieve neck pain and the adjustability of the pillow through the night’s slumber. The investigators and the participants discovered that the Mediflow water based pillow was one of the best in its class, scoring pleasingly high in every criterion of testing. The Mediflow water based pillow is essentially made of a polyester fiber filling. The fiber filling is supported by a thin water pouch that can easily be filled to a custom level, enabling the sleeper to determine the firmness of the pillow. The water pillow supports your neck regardless of the sleeping position, especially in side sleepers where it bridges the gap between your neck and the mattress.


i. The polyester fiber filling is hypoallergenic; safe for asthmatics

ii. Maintains support to head and neck even if the sleeping position is changed

iii. Customizable firmness; suitable for any type of sleeper

iv. Improves the quality of sleep

v. Alleviates neck pain, and body aches

vi. Machine-washable outer cover; makes for easy cleaning


The pillow gets a little heavy when the water pouch is filled to full capacity.


Best Water Pillow for Kids


2. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

The Chiroflow water pillow is fairly similar to the Mediflow water pillow except for a couple of differences in the filling material and the intended functionality. The Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow is made of a special type of fiber known as the Dacron stalest holfill fiber. This material is of a more superior quality in comparison to the regular polyester fiber filling, which confers increased durability and improved comfort. A special feature of the Chiroflow water pillow is that the water pouch in the pillow is encased in a thermal insulator which maintains a stable temperature by preventing heat loss. The pillow fits standard single and queen size pillow cases, so you don’t have to worry about hunting for odd-sized pillow cases just for the sake of the water pillow. The Chiroflow water pillows maintain optimal cervical support and are shown to decrease neck pain/neck stiffness and decrease interruptions during sleep.


i. Recommended by chiropractors for therapeutic effect on neck pain

ii. Premium quality fiber filling lasts longer and increases comfort

iii. Thermal insulation maintains optimal temperature

iv. Uses regular tap water, no chemical additives required

v. Provides total neck support and increases sleep quality

vi. Fits standard and queen pillow cases


The Chiroflow Water Pillow is slightly more expensive in comparison to other water pillows of its kind. However, this is compensated by the impressive features the Chiroflow pillow has to offer.

3. The Duck and Goose Water Pillow

The Duck and Goose water pillow is for people who want the benefits of a water pillow with a more affordable price tag. The pillow is made of a 100% polyester fiber filling and comes with an extra quilted pillow case to give you that added softness and coziness. The water pouch at the base of the pillow has a maximum capacity of around 5 liters but can be filled to any desired level. The water pouch is secured with a leak-proof, rubber stopper to ensure that the pillow maintains adequate firmness. The Duck and Goose water pillow also has the thermal insulation feature for temperature control. The pillow is said to be of premium hotel quality, comes with a 1-year warranty and fits queen size pillow cases. Overall, the Duck and Goose water pillow makes for a smart buy.


i. Extra quilted pillow case gives extra comfort

ii. Thermal insulation feature for perfect temperature

iii. More affordable in comparison to other water pillows

iv. Rubber seal prevents leakages from the water pouch

v. Comes with a 1-year warranty

vi. Fits queen size pillow cases


i. The pillow and the quilted cover cannot be machine washed – they need to be hand washed and hung dry.

ii. The quality of the pillow is only guaranteed if it is bought from the manufacturer and not if it is bought from other sellers


Best Water Pillow for Neck Pain


4. Mediflow Gel Memory Foam Waterbase Pillow

This is another great Mediflow pillow that offers a balance between a regular memory foam pillow and a water pillow. Mediflow has extracted all the great features of its original pouch waterbase water pillow and incorporated it into a new gel memory foam pillow. The pillow itself is made up of a combination of 60% cotton and 40% rayon filling encompassing a cool gel foam top layer. The gel foam layer sits atop a central layer of foam springs to ensure complete support to the neck without compromising the durability of the pillow. The base of the pillow contains Mediflow’s trademark water pouch that also retains the adjustability feature of the pouch waterbase model and allows the user to determine the overall firmness of the pillow. The infusion of the cool gel and the presence of special ventilation holes in the foam moves warm air away from your head and leaves your pillow cooler and softer.


i. Memory foam layer increases pliability

ii. Cotton combination filling fiber adds luxury

iii. Adequate neck support; relieves neck pain

iv. Foam springs in center ensure long-term durability

v. Gel infusion keeps pillow cool

vi. Retained feature of water pouch allows adjustability

vii. Combined features of memory foam and water pouch pillows for the price of one


The memory foam, the gel, and the fillable water pouch all add to the overall weight of the pillow, which makes it extremely difficult to move for those who change their sleeping orientation through the night. However, considering the numerous beneficial features, this is a small compromise to make.


Best Rated Water Pillow


In Conclusion

Long story short, water pillows are basically regular pillows with super powers. They increase your quality of sleep, lessen the number of times you wake in between, are adjustable to your preference of firmness and zap away those sore necks. There are many types of water pillows to choose from, and one of them is certainly bound to be perfect for you. Although these pillows sometimes get a lot heavier than conventional pillows, unless you plan on carrying your pillow everywhere, it shouldn’t be a major issue. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of our existence; so don’t sleep on a boring, feather-filled pillow. Go to bed tonight with a soft, luxurious water pillow and wake up fresh and ready to seize the day!

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